side project in 2018

A web app for live tube arrivals

Unlike the physical boards on the platform, Choobio gives you arrivals far ahead of the next few minutes and it also helps you find a quiet train by calculating the interval between two tube trains.


Choobio's backend service is written in Elixir. It's an OTP app that is fault tolerant, with each station & line handled in its own supervised process that can fall over and be restarted elegantly.


The frontend of Choobio is a React app hosted on Amazon S3. The React app uses the material-ui library and follows Google's Material Design principles.

A Progressive Web App

Choobio is a Progressive Web App that has offline functionality using IndexedDB, Service Workers, App Manifests and more. On Android, it can be installed and used as if it were a native application.


Backend Repo

Frontend Repo