I live on the south coast of the UK and work as a software engineer at Carwow. I enjoy making things like software, words, music, films and food. Over the years I've done this with varying degrees of success (RIP the flash cartoon site we made as 15 year olds, deservedly lost to the annals of oblivion.)

I don't have any social media, so this is part CV, part repository of stuff I've made and part blog. My mouthpiece into the collective void.


I learned to code in 2015 and sometimes make little projects for fun. You can see some of them at the Projects page.

I've worked in software companies as a product person in a variety of roles since 2015. Right now I work as a software engineer at Carwow.

Before Carwow, I helped to grow the Product team at Zencargo from 4 to 50 people. Before that, I worked at TRX, a marketplace helping TV channels connect with rights holders to license content around the world.


Before I moved into software I worked in the TV industry working with scriptwriters. Weirdly, I also worked on a spin-off of Eastenders. I directed a play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and somehow I've got a surreal IMDb page that shows the lengths my friends and I would go to to avoid doing real work.


As a teenager, I played in a bunch of (criminally unsuccessful) bands. We were pretty sure there was an A&R man at a gig we played above a bar once. It was easy to tell because there were only 6 people there and we didn't recognise one of them. Nowadays, I play music just for myself. The world is largely unconcerned by this development.


You've made it this far, so lets talk about the important stuff: I am passionate about history, especially Republican Rome. I also love football and have a season ticket at Brighton. As you might expect, these two interests rarely intersect. If they do for you too, let's chat.

Find my contact details here. No Crystal Palace fans or Carthaginians.